The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 3 Westminster

Lambeth Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge

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LAMBETH BRIDGE, a suspension-bridge constructed in 1862 and probably soon to be superseded, takes the place of an ancient horse-ferry to Lambeth. Horseferry Road runs to the west from the bridge. From this point the long Grosvenor Road follows the curve of the Thames (picturesque views) to meet Chelsea Embankment at Chelsea Suspension Bridge. In this road, a third of a mile from Lambeth Bridge, is the Tate Gallery, on the site of Millbank Prison, flanked on the east by Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital and on the west by the Royal Army Medical College and Millbank Barracks. Farther on VAUXHALL BRIDGE, spans the river between Pimlico and Kennington. Vauxhall Bridge Road, running north to Victoria Station. In the ship-breaking yard of Messrs. Castles, in Grosvenor Road, just short of the bridge, is a smart collection of Figureheads, etc., from old men-of-war, including the figures from the stern-gallery of the 'Fighting TTmTraire', to which visitors are courteously admitted. No. 123 St. George's Square, beyond the bridge, is the headquarters of 'Toc H,' a chartered brotherhood of clubs and houses all over the country, with a membership all over the Empire, established to keep alive the memory and spirit of the famous Talbot Houses at Poperinghe and Ypres, open to all soldiers without distinction of rank. The first Toc H (i.e. T.H. in the army signaller's alphabet) was opened in 1915 at Poperinghe in memory of Lieutenent Gilbert Talbot. At each house a 'lamp of maintenance' is kept burning. Membership is not now confined to service men.