The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 35 Southwark

Interior of Southwark Cathedral - Transepts

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TRANSEPTS. The south Transept was rebuilt by Cardinal Beaufort, son of John of Gaunt, in the 15th century. On a pier to the left of the door are carved his hat and arms. On the west wall are monuments to John Bingham, court saddler (died 1625); William Emerson (died 1575; 'he lived and died an honest man'), a supposed ancestor of Ralph Waldo Emerson; and Richard Benefield (died 1615), with a quaint epitaph. The chandelier below the tower dates from 1680. At the east end of the north wall is an aumbry; below it, a stone coffin with a cross of unique pattern; to the left, the tomb of Lionel Lockyer (died 1672), pill-maker. To the left is a fine inlaid oak chest (circa 1550); above it, the Austin monument (1633). To the east of this transept is the HARVARD CHAPEL, restored and decorated in 1907 in memory of John Harvard, founder of Harvard University, Mass., who was born in the parish and baptized in this church (1607). During the restorations a fine Norman arch (12th century; the right-hand arch of the two leading into the transept) and a Norman shaft, on the left of the altar, were disclosedied [A fragment of the Norman sculpture, sent to America in 1908, is preserved in the porch of Appleton Chapel, Harvard.] The fine stained-glass window, designed by John La Farge and made in the United States, was presented in 1905 by Joseph H. Choate (died 1917).