The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 32 From Blackfriars Bridge To The Tower

Upper Thames Street

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32. FROM BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE TO THE TOWER VIA THAMES STREET. STATIONS: Blackfriars, Mansion House, Cannon Street, Monument, an Mark Lane on the District Railway. Blackfriars Bridge. Beyond St. Paul's Station UPPER THAMES STREET, largely occupied by paper makers and dealers, descends south-east from Queen Victoria St. To the left is the south facade of St. Benet's Church. A little farther on, on the same side, is the tower (built by Wren in 1695) of the church of St. Mary Somerset, the body of which was taken down in 1871. In Little Trinity Lane, diverging to the left, is the Hall of the Painters' Stainers (No. 9), rebuilt after the Great Fire and restored and enlarged in 1916, with a carved doorway. Inside are some interesting portraits (introduction necessary). To the right Queenhithe leads to Queenhithe Dock, the site of the earliest fish-market in London (dock now used for general shipping). In Garlick Hill (left), near the corner of Upper Thames St., is the church of St. James Garlickhithe, a not very successful example of Wren's work (1683), with some good wood-carving (open 11.30-2.30, Saturday 11.30-1). To the right (No. 68), near the corner of Queen St., is VINTNERS' HALL, erected by Wren in 1671, but provided with a new frontage and otherwise altered in the present century (introduction necessary). There are oak-carvings in the Council Chamber and Dining Hall. The Company, one of the twelve great livery companies, was incorporated 'for wines of Gascony' in 1436. Queen St. leads to the right from Upper Thames St. to SOUTHWARK BRIDGE, originally built by John Rennie in 1813-19 but entirely rebuilt in 1912-21. The new bridge has five arches (as compared with Rennie's three), and the approaches have been made more convenient. It reaches the south bank near Barclay & Perkins's Brewery. Just below Southwark Bridge is the Cannon Street Railway Bridge. Beyond Queen St. Upper Thames St. passes under the viaduct of the Southern Railway (emerging from Cannon St. Station). To the right is Fishmongers' Hall, entered from the level of London Bridge, to which a flight of steps here ascends.