The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 30 The City To The East Of The Bank

Leadenhall Street 1

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LEADENHALL STREET continues the line of Cornhill towards the east. To the right stands Leadenhall Market (one of the oldest in London), for the sale of meat, poultry, game, rabbits, and small live stock. At the corner (right) of Leadenhall St. and Lime St. a large area has been cleared for the erection of extensive new premises for Lloyd's, which are expected to be opened in 1928. Some remarkable archaeological discoveries were made in the course of the excavations. On this site stood (down to 1862) East India House, the headquarters of the East India Company (incorporated in 1600, dissolved in 1858), where Charles Lamb (1792-1825), James Mill (1819-36), and John Stuart Mill (1822-58) were clerks. John Hoole (1727-1803), translator of Tasso and Ariosto, was principal auditor at East India House, and Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866), the satiric novelist, was chief examiner. The two Mills each became head of the office, but Lamb's policy of 'making up for coming late by going away early' did not lead to similar promotion.