The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 30 The City To The East Of The Bank


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Leadenhall St. now converges with Fenchurch St., and is prolonged by ALDGATE HIGH STREET, a short street taking its name from one of the old City gates, beyond which lay the ward of Portsoken 'without.' A draught (draft) on Aldgate Pump (still standing at the beginning of the street) was once a cant expression for a worthless bill. To the, left, at the corner of Houndsditch, is the church of St. Botolph Aldgate, called 'Aldgate Church,' built by George Dance the Elder in 1744 (open 12.30-1.30, except Saturday). The most interesting monument is one of alabaster from the old church, dedicated to Lord Darcy and Sir Nicholas Carew, both beheaded on Tower Hill (1537 and 1538). The supposed head of the Duke of Suffolk (beheaded 1554), father of Lady Jane Grey, is preserved in this church, but seldom shown. Jeremy Bentham (17481832) was christened in St. Botolph's, Geoffrey Chaucer leased the house above the Aldgate from the City of London in 1374 and lived there for 12 years. It stood near the corner of Houndsditch until its removal in 1761. Beyond St. Botolph's is the Aldgate Station of the Metropolitan Railway. Aldgate High St. is continued towards the east by Whitechapel High Street.