The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 17 Marylebone, Regent's Park, Zoological Gardens

Zoological Gardens 4

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To the north of the Stork House is the populous Monkey House, always a centre of attraction. To the east of the latter is the Small Bird House, with the Birds-of-Paradise, finches, sunbirds, talking mynahs, tanagers, bulbuls, blue-birds, hornbills, toucans, etc., which are about to be transferred to the old Reptile House, in the south-east corner of the gardens. Still farther east is the old bear-pit, now a cage; and beyond the terrace is a cage with two fine grizzly bears. Adjacent is the Camel House, surmounted by a clock-tower. We now pass to the east, across the open, to the Diving Bird House, containing cormorants, darters, spoonbills, boatbills, bitterns, egrets, etc. Turning south, we next enter the Lion House, with 14 dens for lions, tigers, leopards, pumas, and jaguars (including a 'tigon,' or hybrid tiger-lion, and black varieties of leopard and jaguar). In the centre of the north wall is a bust of Sir T. Stamford Raffles, the first president of the Zoological Society. In the extreme south-east angle of the Gardens is the old Reptile House, about to be adapted as the Small Birds' House. Adjacent is the Tortoise House, with specimens of the giant tortoise (one over a century old), on which the keeper will allow small children to ride. In a cage with radiant heat and ultra-violet light rays, are specimens of the teguexin, iguana, etc. From the old Reptile House we proceed north, passing the Peafowl Enclosure and the south Entrance, to the Birds of Prey Aviaries, with a fine collection of eagles, vultures, condors (one extraordinarily tame), hawks, kites, and falcons. Farther on are the Racoon Cages, with the wolverines or gluttons, a Tasmanian devil, and martens; and the Small Cat House, containing caracals, servals, sun-bears, genets, lynxes, and tayras, as well as such gentle animals as the kinkajou (with prehensile tail) and the coati. We next pass between the Tea House and the Llama House.