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Book: Landscape Planning and Environmental Impact Design: from EIA to EID
Chapter: Chapter 5 Reservoir planning and design

Reservoir engineering archetypes

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Archetypes are useful in reservoir planning. A range of archetypal patterns for the planning of new reservoirs, and the reï¾­design of old reservoirs, should be developed. Christopher Alexander, who proposed the use of archetypes in the planning process, suggests that: 'we can locate local reservoirs and distribution reservoirs so that people can get at them; we might build them as kinds of shrines, where people can come to get in touch with source of their water supply' (Alexander 1977: 325). The following archetypes will be discussed below: wild reservoirs, agricultural reservoirs, urban reservoirs, new town reservoirs, park reservoirs, habitat reservoirs, forestry reservoirs, recreation reservoirs and children's play reservoirs [Fig 5.8].