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Book: Landscape Planning and Environmental Impact Design: from EIA to EID
Chapter: Chapter 5 Reservoir planning and design

Megget Reservoir

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Another upland reservoir was constructed at Megget in southern Scotland between 1978 and 1983 and won a BBC design award [Fig 5.10]. W J Cairns and Partners were the landscape architects and went to considerable lengths to ameliorate the impact of the reservoir 'upon the landscape, agriculture, recreation and ecology of the area'. The Megget valley supported 5,000 sheep prior to flooding. This capacity was maintained 'by providing sheltered sheep parks formed by carefully designed shelterï¾­belts high on the valley sides'. The new road was planned as a traditional singleï¾­track road with passing places. Five new shepherd's houses were built in the vernacular style and the reservoir control building was concealed underground (McGowan & Millar 1984). The level of provision for recreation is comparable to that on nearby St Mary's Loch: carï¾­parking, walking, boating and fishing. The design of Megget Reservoir makes an interesting comparison with Talla Reservoir which lies 5 km. to the west, and was not subject to conservation design.