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Book: Landscape Planning and Environmental Impact Design: from EIA to EID
Chapter: Chapter 10 Sustainable green transport

Commuter and leisure cycling

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Commuter cyclists are different 

Though their interests sometimes coincide, there is a sharp difference between the needs of commuter-cyclists and leisure-cyclists. Commuter cyclists require the most direct possible route from A to B. Leisure cyclists require pleasure, and are quite likely to drive to the place where they will ride. Unless the distinction between leisure and commuter traffic is respected, both groups will resort to mechanised transport. It is not a question of making an 'accommodation' for cyclists: they need to be flattered, encouraged, cajoled and cosseted. In launching a National Cycling Strategy, Britain's Department of Transport stated that "it is crystal clear that the bicycle has been underrated and underused in the United Kingdom for many years" (Department of Transport, 1996).