The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Old photographs

Plate Xxxiv. Daimio's Garden, Kanazawa

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Among the numerous provincial gardens of Japan, that originally belonging to Mayeda, Daimio of Kashiu, at Kanazawa, is of considerable importance. Like many of the nobles' gardens in the old castle towns, it has now been converted into a public pleasure resort. The view presented shows the garden waterfall issuing from rocks buried in a wealth of shady foliage. From its base a torrent runs into the lake; and in front of the cascade is a fine marble pagoda of unusual shape and proportions. It is square on plan and consists of three high stories with a small mezzanine between the intermediate roofs. Below the main waterfall may be observed the lower or female cascade, an invariable accessory of such features in gardening. A bridge composed of one enormous block of granite spans the neck of the lake, just below the torrent. The thickly planted trees surrounding the cascade impart to the composition a highly natural and rural effect. [See Kenroku-en.]