The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 8. Garden Bridges

Peeping Bridge Nozoki bashi

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A rustic sort of Bridge is sometimes made with a single balk ot half-decayed timber, or a row of parallel logs, and even the worm-eaten side of an old boat will at times be employed. A combination of bridge and stepping stones occasionally serves to cross a stream or lake, when a favourite form for the bridge is that of a short rising curve arranged with its outer end higher than that towards the shore, appearing as if an ordinary arching Wooden Bridge had been cut through at some distance beyond the centre of the curve. This kind goes by the curious name of the "Peeping Bridge" (Nozoki-bashi). The above described Bridges are illustrated in Plates XXII., XXIII., XXVI., and XXVII.; and Figure 25,�representing the garden of the Joko-In, attached to the temple of Miidera,�exhibits two different examples of such structures.