The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 3. Garden Lanterns

Crouching lanterns Tsukubai doro and Tsukubai chozubachi

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Sometimes the six or eight-sided heads are rounded above and below so as to approach to a spherical shape, and occasionally the form becomes completely globular. The head, or fire-box, is hollowed out at the side, with openings either square, circular, crescent-shaped, or cusped. A fancy prevails for making such Lanterns of rough unhewn stones, selected to resemble as much as possible the normal shapes, which results in a curious rustic construction. Cases also exist in which wrought stones and natural stones occur in combination. A peculiar kind of stone Lantern, belonging to the "Snow-scene" class, consists of the head and cap alone, without legs, placed upon a low rude stone. This is called the "Crouching Lantern" (Tsukubai-doro), and it is generally erected near a very low water-basin, called the "Crouching Water-basin" (Tsukubai-chozubachi), and used specially in Tea-Gardens.