The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 2. Garden Stones

Tea garden stones

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TEA-GARDEN STONES. The gardens attached to rooms for the Tea Drinking Ceremonies have special arrangements which will be described in referring to different classes of garden designs. The principal stones peculiar to them are named:� "Kettle Stone" (Yulo-seki),�a flat stone suitable for placing the kettle upon. "Candle-stick Stone" (Teshoku-seki),�intended to support the candle-stick or lantern when tea ceremonies take place after dark. "Low Basin Stone" (Tsukubai-chozubachi-ishi),�a low hollowed stone holding water and used for washing the hands in. It is peculiar to Tea-Gardens, the ordinary basin being high and used by one in an erect attitude. "Front Stone" (Maye-ishi),�placed in front of the "Low Basin Stone." "Sword-hanging Stone" (Katanakake-ishi),�a double-stepped stone upon which one stands for the purpose of hanging the sword upon a sword-rest attached to the outer wall of the Tea Room.