The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 2. Garden Stones

Stones symbolizing people

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Besides the above technical terms applied to stones common in most Japanese gardens, other special names, belonging to particular stones in the celebrated gardens of temples and palaces owe their origin to famous designers, patrons, or visitors. Such seem, in most cases, to have been suggested by the shapes, but sometimes they are merely fanciful. A few of them may be mentioned:� "Tortoise Back Stone" (Kiko-seki). "Clear Mirror Stone" (Meikio-seki). "Sleeping Tiger Stone" (Kogwa-seki). "Hermit Stone" (Daruma-seki). "Long Boat Stone" (Chosen-seki). "Saddle-shaped Stone" (Amba-seki). "Tiger's Head Stone" (Koto-seki). "Faint Scent Stone" (Chinko-seki). "Magician's Hat Stone" (Sembo-seki). "Priest's Paten Stone" (Butsuban-scki).