The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 12. Garden Composition

Tea Garden suggesting Yatsuhashi, in Mikawa

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Another Tea Garden, which suggests the scenery of Yatsuhashi, in Mikawa, is shown in Fig. 51 on page 149. The Waiting Room, in which the clothes are changed previous to the tea ceremony, is represented beyond the outer fence, and from it the approach leads by a stepped pathway between two hills. The outer enclosure of the Tea Garden contains a broad shallow pool of water, planted with irises and crossed by a winding bridge of single planks, in imitation of the Yatsuhashi landscape. The surrounding sandy flats are dotted with young pine trees, and a walk of stepping stones winds through them to the entrance of the inner enclosure. The "Diving-in Gate" is shown, but no Waiting Shed is indicated, the verandah of a large room adjoining the Tea Room itself, and opening on to the outer enclosure, apparently taking its place. Occupying the inner garden may be seen the Tea Room, with Sword-rack, Water Basin, and Lavatory, which, with a number of stepping stones, and a little group of bamboos, form the principal ornaments of this portion of the grounds.