The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 12. Garden Composition

Cherry Tree Gardens

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Figure 53 represents what is called a "Cherry-tree Garden," distinguished by a winding stream, a few quaint rocks, and a grove of flowering trees�consisting of different rare garden varieties of the cherry, such as Yaye-zakura, Senye-zakura, Ise-zakura, and Shiogama-zakura. An interesting feature of this style of garden is a long and elevated wooden passage leading through the grounds from the adjoining residence, and ending in a broad pier constructed over the stream which supports a thatched arbour. From this rustic pavilion the spectator looks down upon the blossom-clad boughs of the surrounding trees. A design called the "Garden of Late Springtime" is shown is Figure 54. It is suited for laying out in front of a villa near a river, intended to be visited during the flower season. A long and winding trellis, covered with wistaria creepers, borders the edge of the adjoining river, and a tuft of bamboos is planted near. The foreground consists of a flat sanded area crossed by stepping stones, which lead from the verandah of the residence; a few rocks of quaint and interesting shape are placed in the stream.