The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 11. Garden Vegetation

Five evergreens for Sansui gardens

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Five evergreens are mentioned as the most important and essential in a Sansui garden, namely:�the Ternstr�mia japonica (Mokkoku), the Olea fragrans (Mokusei), the Podocarpus macrophylla (Maki), the Pinus parviflora (Matsu), and the Quercus dentata (Kashiwa); and it is stated that, whatever other vegetation be added, the above should never be dispensed with in even the smallest garden, unless it be a Tea Garden. It does not follow, however, that these five kinds of trees all occupy positions of prime importance; numerous other species are introduced to give variety and to fulfil special functions in the landscape. Certain shrubs and trees may be enumerated according to the particular localities and surroundings to which they are considered appropriate.