The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter1. History

Nineteenth century Tokyo gardens

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Other comparatively modern gardens in Tokio which can still be visited, or are rendered familiar by photographs, may be mentioned. The "Satake-no-Niwa," near Asakusa was built about sixty years ago by Ito Monzaburo of Mikawashima. It was originally presented by the Shogun to one of his Ministers, Mizuno Dewa-no-Kami, but afterwards given to the Princess Asa-Hime as an occasional resort. Still later, about fifty years ago, it became the property of Matsudaira, Daimio of Echizen, by whom, ten years afterwards, it was again transferred to the Daimio Satake whose name it still bears. The fine rocks and stones, for which this garden is famous, were arranged by the first owner, Dewa-no-Kami, being brought at great expense from his own province of Suruga. The garden has a lake encircled by hills, rounded shrubs, and bushes, with some fine old granite lanterns interspersed, and the whole backed by high shady trees. It is still quite worthy of a visit though disfigured by certain modern barbarities.