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Book: Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architecture, edited by John Claudius Loudon (J.C.L )
Chapter: Introduction by J.C. Loudon

The Modern, or Landscape Style

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The Modern, or Landscape Style, when it first displayed itself in English country residences, was distinctly marked by the absence of everything having the appearance of a terrace, or of architectural forms, or lines, immediately adjoining the house. The house, in short, rose abruptly from the lawn; and the general surface of the ground was characterized by smoothness and bareness. This constituted the first school of the Landscape Style; and, as it appears to have been introduced by Kent, it may not improperly bear his name, and be called Kent's School. The publications which illustrate this school are chiefly those of Shenstone, G. Mason, Whately, and Mason the poet, all of which may be included in one closely-printed octavo volume, forming another of the proposed series.