The Garden Guide

Book: Journey and Embassy to Samarkand
Chapter: Viii Ambassadors Return

Sultanieh to Tabriz

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On Thursday, the 29th of January, they came to a city called Xaharica, and here they again joined the road which they had travelled over in coming. From Friday to Monday they rode on, and found much snow on the road; and on Tuesday, the 3rd of February, they reached a great city called Casmonil {Kazveen ?}, and most of it was in ruins; but it was once the largest city in those countries, except Tabreez and Samarkand. In this city we found much snow, so that we could not walk in the streets, and the snow that fell on the roofs of the houses was pushed off that it might not destroy them, and we could not leave this city, on account of the quantity of snow on the roads. The ambassadors were here supplied with food, and all that they required. On Saturday, they departed, and thirty men went before them, on foot, with poles in their hands, to open the road; and when they reached a village, these men returned, and others took their places. The snow was such that the ground was covered with it to a great depth, and no land could be seen. Both men and beasts were unable to see out of their eyes, on account of the snow; and when they approached a city or village, they could not see it for the quantity of snow, and in this way they arrived at the city of Sultanieh. They reached Sultanieh on Friday, the 13th of February, and remained there until the following Saturday; but I will say no more concerning this city, because I have already described it, when the ambassadors passed through it before; only that it is one of the largest and most noble cities of Persia, and that it has a beautiful castle, but no wall. They were eight days in this city, because they were forced to go and visit a grandson of the lord Timur Beg, named Omar Meerza, who was lord of Persia and other countries, and was wintering with his host in the plain which they call Karabagh. The most direct road to go there was by this city of Sultanieh, but as there was much snow on a range of mountains which they would have to cross, they waited until it became passable. Finally they were advised to go on to the city of Tabreez, whence they might more easily reach Karabagh, and they decided upon doing so.