The Garden Guide

Book: Journey and Embassy to Samarkand
Chapter: Ruy Gonzalez De Clavijo

Cyclades islands

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The following Monday, being the 22nd of July, they made sail and departed from this port, with a fair wind. On the right hand was the island, and on the left was Calabria, and a city called Reggio. They entered the gulf of Venice, and continued in it until Thursday. On Friday afternoon they were off Mondon {Modon, near Navarino}, a land belonging to Venice; and the same day they came in sight of an island called Sapiencia {Sapienza}, and of two others called Benetico {Venetico} and Cerne, and the Cape of Galo {Cape Gallo}; and they also saw the main land, called Coron {Koroni, at the entrance of the Gulf of Koroni}. On Saturday, they were off Cape Matapan, and Cape St. Angelo, which are on a territory belonging to Venice; and at noon they passed close to an inhabited island called Cetul {Cerigo ?}, between it and a high rock called Lobo {Ovo ?}. On this island of Cetul they saw a small castle, with high towers, on a lofty rock facing the sea. A little further on, in a plain near the sea, there appeared a great mass of ruins; and they say that this is the temple which Paris destroyed, when he seized upon Helen, and broke the idol, at the time that King Priam sent him to make war upon Greece. After passing this island, the vessel sailed between three rocks called Tres, Dos, and As {Three, Two, and Ace}. On Sunday, the 29th of July, they were off an uninhabited island called Cequilo, which is composed of high hills, where falcons breed. They tried to pass between this island and a high rock near the shore, where there was a strong current, which drove the vessel towards the land; and when they wished to go about, she passed so close to the shore, that some young falcons, which were sitting on a rock, began to scream. The vessel was in such danger that the captain, and some merchants and sailors, stripped off their clothes; and, when they stood off the shore, they understood that God had shown great mercy. On Monday, the vessel was between two inhabited islands called Nillo {Milo and Anti-Milo}, and Ante-Nillo, which formerly belonged to the dukedom of the Archipelago, but they are now held by the Venetians, and are well covered with flocks of sheep. The vessel was becalmed between these islands for two days; and on Thursday she was off three inhabited islands, belonging to the dukedom of the Archipelago, called Mo {Nio ?}, Centuriona {Santorini}, and Christiana {Christiana}; and at noon she was off an island called Naxia, which is very large, and the capital of the dukedom.