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Book: Journey and Embassy to Samarkand
Chapter: Iv Trebizond and The Journey Through Armenia

Erzincan City

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This city of Erzingan was built on a plain, near a river which is called Euphrates, which is one of the rivers that come from Paradise. This plain is entirely surrounded by very high mountains, and on the top of the highest of these mountains there is much snow. There are many towns, and fruit gardens in the plain, which is covered with corn fields and vineyards, and very beautiful gardens. The city was not very large, and the walls and towers which surrounded it, were built of stone. It was built by the Armenians, and the sign of the cross is cut on many parts of the walls. The houses all have terraces, and the people walk along the terraces, as if they were streets. The city is very populous, and contains many fine streets, and it is very rich, and has much {Sebaste or Sivas} The Kara-sou, or Western Euphrates trade, and many beautiful mosques and temples. It is inhabited by many Christians, Greeks, and Armenians. They say that when Timur Beg took and destroyed a Turkish city called Sabastria,1 that the Turk came against this city of Erzingan , and entered it; but when Timur Beg conquered the Turk, he came to this city, and took it for himself.