The Garden Guide

Book: Journey and Embassy to Samarkand
Chapter: Iii The Voyage from Constantinople To Trebizond.

Black Sea

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In the middle of the night they entered the great sea, and their course was close to the land of Turkey. At the third hour, being under sail with a fair wind, the mast was sprung; and they went on under oars, close in shore, until they had fished the mast. A little after noon, next day, they were off a small castle, on the top of a rock, in the land of Turkey, and almost surrounded by the sea. It is called the castle of Sequello. As it was near the hour of Ave Marias they put into a port, in a small island belonging to the Genoese, called Finogia. The governor of the city of Pera had sent two armed vessels to this sea, to watch for the Venetian ships, which would have to come from the sea of Tana {Azoff}, laden with merchandize; and which would be unsuspicious, as their captains did not know of the war. One of these Genoese vessels was at anchor off this island of Finogia. On Friday they intended to sail, but the wind was foul, and they had to remain. This island of Finogia is a small island, and uninhabited, and two miles from the coast of Turkey. As this port was not safe, they intended to make for the port of Carpi {Kirpe or Calpe ?}, about six miles distant, where the other Genoese carrack was waiting for the Venetian ships; but the boatswain said that it was better to remain where they were, than to go to Carpi, so they went a little closer in.