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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 5: Gardens in Asia, America, Africa, Australia

American gardening authors

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890. The American authors on gardening are now very numerous. The earliest work on practical gardening, so far as we are aware, is M'Mahon's American Gardener's Calendar, published about the end of the last century. Mr. M'Mahon was a seedsman at Philadelphia, and had 'connected with the seed-trade a botanical, agricultural, and horticultural book-store.' His work includes every department to be found in our calendars. Ample instructions are given for growing the pine, vine, melon, and other delicate fruits, and also for the forcing departments both of the flower and kitchen gardens; but we cannot gather from the work any thing as to the extent of American practice in these particulars. Since that period works have been published by American authors in every department of gardening.