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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 4: British Gardens (1100-1830)

Public park design in Scotland

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614. Public gardens, open to the public generally, are almost unknown in Scotland, but all the squares and most of the principal streets have large gardens, generally very tastefully laid out, to which all the inhabitants of each particular street have access by means of keys. Prince's Street Gardens, formed on the side of the Castle Hill, are probably the largest of these gardens; and it is a curious circumstance that the London railway has lately been carried, through them without in the slightest degree injuring their picturesque effect, numerous bridges having been thrown over the railroad wherever it intersects a walk. The Prince's Street Gardens are also interesting from having within their precincts the ancient well by which Edinburgh Castle in times of siege was supplied with water. The gardens belonging to Doune Terrace, which are formed on the side of a hill leading down to Leith Water, are also extremely beautiful.