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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 4: British Gardens (1100-1830)

Modern style gardens in Scotland

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608. The modern style was first introduced into Scotland by the celebrated Lord Kames, who, some time between 1760 and 1770, displayed it on his own residence at Blair Drummond. An irregular ridge, leading from the house, was laid out in walks, commanding a view, over the shrubs on the declivity, of portions of distant prospect. One part of this scene was composed entirely of evergreens, and formed an agreeable winter garden. Lord Kames did not entirely reject the ancient style, either at Blair Drummond, or in his Essay on Gardening and Architecture, published in the Elements of Criticism. In that short but comprehensive essay, he shows an acquaintance with the Chinese style, and with the practice of Kent; admits both of absolute and relative beauty as the objects of gardening and architecture; and from this complex destination, accounts for that difference and wavering of taste in these arts, 'greater than in any art that has but a single destination.' (Vol. ii. p. 431. 4th edit. 1769.)