The Garden Guide

Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 4: British Gardens (1100-1830)

English garden designers in Scotland

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612. English professors of the modern style have occasionally visited Scotland, and some regularly. From nearly the first introduction of the new style to the present time, annual journeys have been made into Scotland from the county of Durham by the late White, and subsequently by his son. White, senior, we believe, was a pupil of Brown, of much information on country matters, and generally respected in Scotland. Of his professional talents we have said enough, when we have mentioned their source. Airthrie, near Stirling, and Bargany, in Ayrshire, are the principal productions of this family. In what respects the talents of White, junior, differ from those of his father, or whether they differ at all, we are not aware; though we think it highly probable they will partake of the general improvement of the age. We have already mentioned that none of the eminent English artists had ever been in Scotland; but that Valley-field was laid out from Repton's designs. Nasmyth, an eminent landscape-painter in Edinburgh, and G. Parkyns, author of Monastic Remains, have occasionally given designs for laying out grounds in Scotland, both in excellent taste.