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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: European Gardens (500AD-1850)

Vienna landscape gardening

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309. Among other specimens of landscape-gardening in the neighbourhood of Vienna may be mentioned Hadersdorf, a chateau, of which we took a sketch in 1814 (fig. 74.), and which belonged to the celebrated Marshal Loudon. The house is a very simple old building, approached by a bridge over a fine piece of water, which surrounds it like a moat. There is a small ancient garden, and a park beautifully varied by hills, valleys, and natural wood. At the extremity of this park is what is called the jardinet Turc, a small square, planted with cypresses at regular distances, and containing, in the centre, the tomb of the marshal. Lichtenstein is on an elevated situation, with terraced gardens, commanding extensive prospects, especially from a garden building named the Belvidere. Schonau, on the road to Styria, is notable for its varied surface, and for a mixture of park scenery with vineyards, meadows, and cornfields. Near the village of Baden are some romantic public gardens on the side of a hill, and Voeslau, the garden of Count Fries, which contains some fine statues and monuments.