The Garden Guide

Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: European Gardens (500AD-1850)

Hungarian gardens

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315. In Hungary, Hirschfeld, in 1783, says, there were only the gardens of Esterhazy, a seat of Prince Esterhazy, worthy of notice, and that they were chiefly indebted to the beauty of the palace for their attractions. Dr. Townson, in 1793, mentions Count Vetzy as laying out his grounds in the English style, aided by a gardener who had been some time in England. The gardens of Count Esterhazy of Galantha, at Dotis, he considers very fine; and those of the Bishop of Erlau, at Felcho-Tarkan, as romantic. Dr. Bright (Travels, 1815) mentions Kormond, the property of Prince Bathiani, as 'containing a very handsome garden in the French taste, with considerable hothouses and conservatories. ' Count Brunswick, of Marton Vassar, had passed some time in England, and his garden was laid out in the English style. The favourite mansion of Prince Ester-hazy is Eisenstadt; the palace has lately been improved, and the gardens, which were laid out, in 1754, in the French taste, were, in 1814, transforming into the English manner. (Travels in Hungary, p. 346.)