The Garden Guide

Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: European Gardens (500AD-1850)

Elsinore Hamlet Garden

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423. Hamlet's garden is situated in the neighbourhood of Elsinore, and is the favourite promenade of the inhabitants of that seaport. It consists of two parts, the upper and the lower garden. The lower garden is laid out in the French style; but the upper part is in the English manner. The palace of Marienlust (Mary's delight) (fig. 130.) stands in the lower garden. It was intended for the residence of his present Danish majesty, when crown prince. From the hill behind the palace may be enjoyed a marine prospect, which, travellers say, exceeds every thing between Denmark and Naples. Near Hamlet's garden is Hellebek, a village belonging to Count Schim-melmann, who, for many years, was one of the cabinet ministers of Denmark. The situation of this village, close to the sea, combines such a variety of marine and rural scenery as would afford many interesting studies to the painter. The beech, the national tree of Denmark, flourishes here in superlative vigour, overtopping the oak, of which, however, many very fine specimens may also be observed. Nature in this place seems to be left to herself, and altogether divested of those ornaments, which, in too many cases, injure what they were meant to improve. The traveller would scarcely suspect that he was approaching a nobleman's seat when he enters Hellebek. (Feldborg's Denmark.)