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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: European Gardens (500AD-1850)

Dutch gardening authors

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205. The Dutch and Flemings have few works on gardening, and the reason may be the universality of practical knowledge in that country. Van der Groen, Commelyn, and Van Oosten are their principal authors. Le Jardinier des Pays Bas, par J. Van der Groen, gardener to the Prince of Orange, 4to, Brussels, was published in 1672. Commelyn published the Horti Medici Amstelodamensis, in 2 vols. folio, in 1697; and Nederlantze Hesperides, &c., folio, 1676, which was translated into English under the title of the Belgic or Netherlandish Hesperides, made English by G. V. N. 8vo, Lond. 1683. Van Oosten, who was gardener at Leyden, published Der Neiderlandische Garten, 8vo, Hannov, 1706; which was translated into English under the title of The Dutch Gardener, in 1710, and into French, under that of Le Jardin de Leide, in 1714. Various French works on gardening have been printed at the Hague and other parts of Holland. The Annales de la Societe Royale d'Horticulture des Pays Bas, and L'Horticulture Belge, are two excellent and very useful works, both of which appear monthly.