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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: European Gardens (500AD-1850)

Aix la Chapelle Garden

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325. The public garden of Aix la Chapelle is formed on the site of the ancient ramparts of the city. It includes a very considerable extent of ground. On the outside of the walls the old ditches have been filled up, and converted into walks and shrubberies, for the use of the inhabitants. The Boulevards, within the walls, have undergone the same change. But the grand promenade at Aix la Chapelle is the slope of the hill of Louisberg, which descends to the very walls of the town, and has a convenient carriage-road, as well as a handsome footwalk leading up to the summit, whence is exhibited a magnificent panorama of the whole horizon. (Tour in South Holland, &c. p. 226.) Granville says, that, in addition to these resources, it is proposed to form a jardin Anglais. (Travels, &c, vol. i. p. 86.) [Editor's note: AIX-LA-CHAPELLE is now called Aachen in German and Aken in Dutch Aken. It is a spa town 44 m. W. of Cologne and near the Belgian and Dutch frontiers]