The Garden Guide

Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Influence of Climates on Gardens

Ideal climate for vegetable gardening

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958. The most suitable climate for culinary or herbaceous vegetables is one temperate and moist; and in this respect, Holland, England, and the more temperate parts of France and Flanders, are before the rest of Europe. Sir William Temple, who lived much in Holland and the adjoining countries, says, gardening, in his time, was there in the greatest perfection. The second country in Europe for culinary gardening and flowers, appears to us to be Lombardy ; and, considering that it is highly favourable for fruits, it may, as already observed, be considered the most propitious country in Europe for horticulture and ornamental gardening. There appear to be, also, corresponding situations in America, China, and New Holland, especially in the latter country, which may one day become a second America. Wherever the fruits of the gooseberry and strawberry, and the bulb of the turnip, and the head of the cabbage attain a good size, there the climate may be considered highly favourable to the growth of kitchen crops, most kernel fruits of Europe, and florist's flowers ; but a warmer and drier climate is required for the richer stone-fruits, and most of those of the torrid zone.