The Garden Guide

Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Influence of Climates on Gardens

Ancient and modern garden design

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974. We may therefore conclude that gardening, as an art of design, must be considered relatively to the climate and situation of the country, and habits and manners of the people where it is employed; and that the ancient and modern styles, viewed in this light, are each perfectly natural, and equally meriting adoption, according to relative circumstances; less than from any positive beauty or advantages of either manner. We are consequently of opinion, that the ancient style, divested of some ingredients which relate to warm climates, and purified from the extravagances of extremes in decoration, would be in much better taste in some situations, even in Britain, than the modern style; and that this latter style cannot, for a long series of years, afford any other satisfaction in many parts of other countries than what arises from the temporary interest of novelty, or of accidental association.