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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 2: Roman Gardens (500BC-500AD)

Lunar garden design

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78.Lunar days were observed, and also lucky and unlucky days, as described by Hesiod. Some things, Varro observes, are to be done in the fields while the moon is increasing; others, on the contrary, when she is decreasing; as the cutting of corn and underwood. At the change of the moon, pull your beans before daylight; to prevent rats and mice from preying on a vineyard, prune the vines in the night-time: sow vetches before the twenty-fifth day of the moon, &c. �I observe these things,� says Agrasius, (one of fifty authors who Varro says had written on husbandry, but whose writings are now lost, ) �not only in shearing my sheep, but in cutting my hair; for I might become bald if I did not do this in the wane of the moon.'