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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 2: Roman Gardens (500BC-500AD)

Caracalla Gardens

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58.The palaces and gardens of the imperial brothers Caracalla and Geta, according to Herodian, covered the greater part of what was once the city of Rome. In other words, these tyrants succeeded in confiscating the greater part of the villas of the opulent and luxurious Roman citizens, and appropriating them to their own use. Geta is said to have had his palace in the Getan gardens in the Janiculum, and Caracalla in those which had belonged to Mï¾µcenas on the Esquiline Hill: the two palaces, Gibbon says, though at the distance of several miles, were connected by means of the gardens, which had once belonged to Sallust, Lucullus, Agrippa, Domitian, and a number of others. Geta died A. D. 212, and Caracalla, A. D. 217.