The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 7: Edifices (for Storage, Bees, Ice, Shelters etc)

Ice houses

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2211. The ice-house. Ice is kept on the Continent in cellars, at a greater or less depth from the surface according to the climate. These cellars are without windows, surrounded by very thick walls, and entered by double and treble doors, sometimes placed in angular or circuitous passages, and always with intervals of several feet between them. Sometimes precautions are taken to carry off any water which may arise from a partial thaw, by forming gutters across the floor, and covering them with a grating of strong lattice-work, leading to a cesspool in the passage, whence the water can be taken out by utensils without opening the inner door; but very frequently full confidence is had in the coolness of the situation, especially if the surrounding soil be dry. Ice is kept in the cellars of confectioners, and also by some of the market-gardeners, in heaps, with a very thick covering of straw or reeds.