The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 6: Structures used in Gardening

Holes for vine stems

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2104. Holes for vine-stems. In all parapets or front arrangements where vines are to be introduced from without, particular care must be had to provide for the withdrawing of the vines, oven when their wood is of a considerable age and thickness. For this reason, whore horizontal shutters are used, the lower styles or pieces against which they shut should always be movable; and, in general, it may be stated, that of the various modes for the introduction of the vine from without, which have been adopted, that by cutting off a corner of the sloping or front sash is the best: by this means, when the sash is opened, a vine of almost any size may be taken out with ease. A piece of thin board or cork cut every year to fit the increasing diameter of the shoot is screwed to the wall-plate or lower style, as the case may be, and the vacuity, which must necessarily be left around the stem, is closed up with moss. When the vine is to be taken out, by unscrewing the triangular board, and opening the sash, or shutter, a more than sufficient space for drawing out any ordinary-sized plant is obtained, without the least trouble or chance of fracturing the shoots.