The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 5: Machines and Machinery

Budding mowing machine

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1909. Budding's mowing machine (fig. 513.) is an admirable contrivance for cropping, or shearing lawns, grass-plots, or indeed any kind of short grass. In the operation of pushing forward the machine, the cylinder (a) rolls upon the ground like the wheel of a wheelbarrow; and, by the wheels and pinions connected with it, causes the revolving cutters to act rapidly, by their smooth outer edges, against the edge of the fixed rectangular steel plate (c), so as to crop or shear the grass or vegetable surface. The smaller cylinder (b) serves effectually to regulate the height, and to ensure the steadiness of the rectangular fixed cutter (c), against which the revolving cutters act. To keep the small roller (b) sufficiently free from any adhering substances, there is a horizontal box which serves as an axis for a thin iron scraper, which is curved so as to form a portion of a cylinder, having its lower edge bearing on the surface of the roller. There is a box (d) in which all the grass cut by the machine is collected, thus saving the expense of sweeping. The machine may be easily rolled from one place to another without cutting by merely lowering the handles, so as to lift the gauge-roller from the ground. Another mowing machine of larger dimensions is occasionally used for mowing extensive lawns.