The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 4: Utensils (Pots, Cases, Cans, Fumigators)

Universal garden syringe

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1854. Siebe's universal garden syringe (fig. 476.) has only one apparatus, but it can instantly, by turning a pin, be applied so as to serve the purpose of four different caps, or heads. Macdougal's inverted syringe is imitated by an universal joint (a), which enables the operator to turn the head in any direction, and to any angle, as at c. The pin by which these alterations are effected works in a groove (d), in the face of the rose; and by it a very fine shower, a coarse shower, or a single jet from one opening (e), may be sent forth at pleasure. The valve by which the water is admitted to the syringe is in the side of the rose (f). This is an elegant and useful instrument, more particularly for amateur gardeners, whether male or female.