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Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 4: Utensils (Pots, Cases, Cans, Fumigators)

Rose watering pot

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1844. Money's inverted rose watering-pot (fig. 465.) has the spout made in three distinct parts. The first (a) is fixed to the body of the pot in such a manner as not to go easily out of repair. This is effected by filling up the angle between the spout and the pot by the hollow compartment (b), in the top of which are two openings (c and d); the larger (c) for holding, when not in use, the middle piece of the spout, or larger rose; and the other (d) for the smaller rose. The larger rose (c) is for using without the middle piece of the spout, and it delivers the water upwards, as in fig. 467.; the smaller rose (f), which can only be used with the middle tube of the spout, delivers the water downwards, exactly over the object or space to be watered. The advantage of this rose, therefore, consists in the definitiveness of its action, as the advantage of the larger rose consists in the gentleness of its action. An additional value is given to this part by the screw joints, which render the spout perfectly water-tight; and therefore, among other uses, it is particularly fit for lady gardeners. (Gard, Mag., vol. vii. p. 87.)