The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 4: Utensils (Pots, Cases, Cans, Fumigators)

Flower pot saucers

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1836. The flower-pot saucer is a flat circular vessel, with a rim from one to two inches high, and is made somewhat larger than the bottoms of all the above sorts of pots. Its chief use is to prevent the water, which escapes by the bottom of the pot, from proving inconvenient on the shelves or stages in rooms or particular situations. In gardens it is seldom wanted. A species named the carnation-saucer (figs. 452. and 459.), is formed as much larger than the pot to be placed in it as to admit of surrounding its base with water, in order to prevent creeping insects from getting at the pot. In the centre of the saucer is raised a basement on which to place the pot, in order to keep it dry, &c.