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Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 3: Surveying Tools

Timber measures

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1780. Of timber-measures and dendrometers there are various kinds, and their use is for taking the dimensions of standing timber without climbing the tree. Broad's measurer (fig. 421.) is composed of two pieces of deal about thirteen feet long, with a brass limb or index (a), on which are engraven figures denoting the quarter girth in feet and inches. Raising the instrument, the index end (a) is taken hold of, and the other applied to that part of the trunk where the girth is to be taken, opening it so wide as just to touch at the same time both sides of it, keeping the graduated index uppermost, on which the quarter girth will be shown, allowing one inch in thirteen for the bark. (Trans. Scot. Arts, vol. xxv. p. 20.) There are various other dendrometers, among which is a curious one by Monteath, which will be afterwards noticed. The above we consider as much the best.