The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 3: Surveying Tools

Number stamps

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1798. The stamped numbering-instrument is formed in various ways; the simplest and most economical are triangular slips of lead, clipped or stamped from sheet-lead of four pounds to a superficial foot, or slips of copper, as in fig. 437.: for plants in pots, they need not be longer than three inches, or broader at the head than half an inch. On these the number is stamped with a type, or the name at length may be stamped in the same manner. Such tallies are durable, unobtrusive, and not so readily driven out of pots as those of wood; for herbaceous plants they may be of double size and weight. Fig. 436. shows how to cut out zinc or sheet-lead labels with very little waste.