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Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 3: Surveying Tools

Naming tally

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1802. Murray's named tally (fig. 443.) is, in our opinion, preferable to all others for naming herbaceous plants. It has been long in use in the botanic garden at Glasgow, and we have had it in our garden at Bayswater since 1827. It consists of a cast-metal standard, with a long square head, in the front of which is a hollow box, into which a ticket (a), with the name written on it, is put; a piece of glass, cut to the proper size, is then fitted in over the name, and fastened with putty, like the pane of a window. The ticket on which the name is written may be of wood, tin, or earthenware; but wood is preferable because it can be easily written upon by a carpenter's black lead pencil, and because it is not liable to rust. An imitation of this tally, on a small scale, for pots (fig. 442.), has been made of terro-metallic earth.