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Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 3: Surveying Tools

Naming system

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1809. The mode of naming or registering by series, chiefly applies to fruit trees in kitchen-gardens or orchards, and is done by marking down the names in a book or on a plant, in the same order in which the trees or shrubs are planted in the garden. Thus, suppose the east side of an east wall is to be planted and registered without the use of naming-instruments or labels. Begin at the south corner, and write down under that title the sort of trees in the order in which they are planted, placing in the list a number against each name, in regular series. Suppose that, at any time afterwards, you wish to find which tree is the golden pippin; then, looking in the list, that name is found opposite No. 9.; counting nine, therefore, from the south corner, will give you the tree, &c. This mode of registering by series is always a very good check to any other mode of numbering or naming. Sometimes it is done on a general plan of the garden; but the plan must then be on a large scale to admit of writing down all the numbers or names of the trees in the spots where they are planted.