The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 3: Surveying Tools

Garden labels

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1792. The object of designating instruments is to record and render ascertainable the individuality of objects, and chiefly of plants; either as species, genera, or varieties. A tally or stake driven into the soil, and remaining fast, is, mechanically considered, a wedge held in equilibrium by the resistance of the earth. Wherever there is a variety of plants cultivated, it becomes necessary to be able to mark and distinguish them, as well when in a growing state, as when in a state of hibernation, or recent insertion in the soil�In sending plants to any distance, the same thing is requisite. For both purposes the name is either written on some instrument, and attached to or placed beside the plant; or a number is made use of instead of the name, from which reference is made to a written list. Of both these a considerable variety is used in gardening.