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Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 1: Digging Tools

Weeding prong

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1728. The Guernsey weeding-prong. The head of this implement is in the shape of a claw-hammer, with the one end flattened into a chisel, one inch wide; and the forked, or clawed end, consisting of two sharp flat prongs, by which the weeds are grubbed up and lifted at the same time. The length of the head, from the extremity of the chisel end to that of the prong end, is nine inches, and it is attached to a handle five feet long. A great part of the labour of weeding may, in most gardens, be performed by women and children; and it will not only be lightened, but their hands will be kept clean, by the adoption of the Guernsey prong. (Gardiners' Chronicle, vol. i. p. 66.)