The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 1: Digging Tools

Garden pick

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1694. The pick (fig. 301.) is a double or compound lever, and consists of the handle (a), which ought to be formed of sound ash timber, and the head (b), which ought to be made of the best iron, and pointed with steel. There are several varieties: the first, the pick with the ends of the bead pointed (fig. 301.), is used for loosening hard ground, gravel, &c.; the second, or pickaxe (fig. 302.), with both ends wedge-shaped, in reversed positions, and sharp, is used for cutting through the roots in felling timber; the third, or mattock (fig. 303.), is used chiefly for loosening hard surfaces, and for grubbing up roots of small trees or bushes. It is sometimes called a crow, and also a grubbing-axe, hoe-axe, &c.