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Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 1: Digging Tools

Dock weeder

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1726. The dock-weeder (fig. 331. p. 518.) has a narrow iron blade attached to a spade-like handle, with a protruding iron stay joined to the lower end of the handle, or to the iron shank of the blade, to act as a fulcrum. It is used for digging up long conical roots of weeds in pastures or close crops, where the spade or the two-pronged fork cannot be introduced; or for taking up crops of fusiform roots, as the parsnep, scorzonera, &c. The French weed extirpator (fig. 359.) differs from the common weed extirpator chiefly in having the knob (h), instead of a piece of iron rivetted on in the form of an inverted arch. The sucker extirpator (fig. 360.) should have a handle of the length and shape of that of a spade inserted into the hose, when it will be found extremely useful in wrenching off suckers of gooseberries and other shrubs.